Friday, May 16, 2008

I have been remiss. It's chase season.

"It's the dismal tide, Ed Tom. Not the one thing."

I owe this blog the origin story for "They Never Caught the Sun" (and a thank you to my friend Casey Boyle for linking the blog post about it) and some kind of riveting update on the status of my novel. Nothing so dramatic as writers writing about writers writing. Is the coffee cold? Will the cat step on the keyboard?

In lieu of anything remotely interesting, how about my latest creation: a curriculum vitae!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

some news

I only have a moment to post. Two items: The Missouri Review is creating an audio recording of my essay "Put on the Petty," read by a drama student at the university and which I presume they'll post on their website. I'll link when it appears.

Also, my friend Darin Bradley sold his novel Amaranth to Bantam/Spectra a few days ago. What a great moment the first *call* must be. Congrats to Darin and much success to Amaranth!

Monday, May 5, 2008

I'm behind on posts here but the novel work continues steadily despite the calendar and "attendant convection" as the meteorologists say. It's not as easy this time of year, what with tornadoes around every corner, but I'm finding a balance that should satisfy my late August deadline.

Meanwhile, I shipped a friend my last copy of the magazine RE:AL, which published my short story, "They Never Caught the Sun" in Fall 2007. But I scanned it into a PDF file first. Below is the cover and a link to the PDF, which, I must warn in advance, is 22 megs in size because of my ignorance of Kinko's scanning technology and a string of pouty, even more ignorant employees. Nevertheless.

PDF link for "They Never Caught the Sun"
(22 megs--right click and choose Save Link As)

When I return from a brief storm excursion tomorrow or Wednesday, I'll post about how this story found me four years ago on a side trip to one of the many ghost towns in the Texas Panhandle.