Friday, July 10, 2009

novel-writing kit

Two blog posts I wish I'd seen a long time ago, about how to format and approach the novel synopsis (as much fun as having wisdom teeth removed sans anesthesia) and the other, a light-hearted but substantial post called "Everything You Need to Know About Writing a Novel in 1000 Words."

Thanks to blogs by Nathan Bransford and the "Guide to Literary Agents."

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

why I like Bing

No, not Bing Crosby, though he was cool enough to do a song with David Bowie when Bowie was, shall we say, incongruous with Crosby's family-friendly image, but I digress. I'm talking about the new Microsoft search engine, which the New York Times claims is superior to Google in many ways I don't care about. What I care about is what happened when I "binged" myself (what else would you do the first time on a new engine?) and instead of some stormchasing link topping the hit list, this blog--my dear old writers blog--poorly maintained and often neglected, emerged the winner. Which likely means my chasing board has shed nearly all its viewers over time, from a similar lack of new content, but still, it's a milestone.

So for all three of you who visit this space regularly, thanks!