Monday, December 8, 2008

Taking a short break from the partial and synopsis I plan to send tomorrow. The first fifty pages were already in decent shape; now they're better. It's a revelation what you can do when you focus like a laser, a fanatic. Basically I've cut my sleep budget by about 70% and, besides the Cowboys game (big mistake) I've done nothing else since Friday evening.

The partial is good. The synopsis is hell. Remedy Wheel as of tonight is a 405 page novel with four point of view characters and intertweaving plot lines, set in places like the World's Fair and Langley Avenue All Nations Pentecostal Church. It resists extreme compression; so do I. The great agent-blogger "Miss Snark" called novel synopses a "totally weird haiku on steroids." But that's the challenge.

When I finish, I'll write the cover letter, sometimes between 2:00 AM and 4:00 AM, I guess. Tomorrow I print, re-read the partial (out loud), make more corrections, print again on good paper, and overnight the whole thing to New York. Then I'm going to sleep a few hours, catch up on grading at school, and go back into fanatical mode in the event of a request for the "full." Going to need more coffee.